Summer Reading for Children-Caldecott Winner

Rathmann, Peggy. Officer Buckle and Gloria. Putnam Juvenile, 1995. 32 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-399-22616-8


What it’s About:

Officer Buckle visits local schools to provide valuable safety tips. The kids usually are bored or sleep through his presentations until one day he decides to bring along a new police dog named Gloria who manages to turn their safety tips into a popular program. Officer Buckle has no idea that Gloria is performing acrobatic and dramatic poses behind his back. When Officer Buckle finds out, it will either be a disaster or the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Book Review:

Winner of the 1996 Caldecott Medal, this popular children’s book offers the hilarious antics of a police dog named Gloria as well as useful safety tips. Officer Buckle has come to a school to teach some safety tips to an assembly of children who find themselves distracted by a performing dog named Gloria. Officer Buckle’s presentations had previously bored the kids, so he is surprised when his lecture is suddenly met with cheers and laughter. He thinks that he is the reason the children are begging for more until he sees a recording of his lecture revealing Gloria’s antics behind him. This delightful story promotes the concept of the value of friendship and working together. The illustrations are filled with detail that a child will find compelling even after a dozen readings. The best drawing are of Gloria’s antics which include an especially hilarious imitation of the dangers of swimming during an electrical storm.

Other Awards and Recognition

Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award 1996
Great Lakes’ Great Books Award 1998
Golden Archer Award (Wisconsin) 1997
Bluegrass Award 1997

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