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Children’s Book Review: Night Lights

Gal, Susan. Night Lights. Alfred A. Knopf, 2009. 32 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-375-95862-5

What’s the story? 

A little girl and her family are depicted in the many different types of light that are visible at night.


Illustrator Susan Gal makes a stunning debut with this nearly wordless book that simply has words or compound words about some of the types of light, including “streetlights” and “porch light,” that we encounter every night after the sun sets. There are wonderful vignettes of family life and normal activities that require a light source. The highlights include a dog’s birthday party complete with a birthday cake with a dog bone design with the single word “candlelight.” The illustrations are rich with detail capturing the mysterious world of the night. There is also a wonderful use of shadow and illumination. The book ends with “night-light” “moonlight” and “good night” which makes it a perfect bedtime book for toddlers.

Author Information

Susan Gal

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